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About Squamish

Squamish, located along the Sea to Sky Highway north of Vancouver and south of Whistler in the Coast Mountains, is a community of unparalleled scenic wonder, lifestyle advantages, business opportunities and outdoor recreation.


Squamish is dubbed the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada with a list of activities that includes walking, hiking, windsurfing, kayaking, mountain biking, golfing, swimming, scuba diving, eagle viewing, rock climbing, fishing, river rafting, squash, curling, soccer, baseball and hockey.


Squamish has a population of about 20,000. It is surrounded by 8 beautiful Provincial Parks and 2 Forestry Recreation Sites. From casual to more upscale, the numerous Squamish-area restaurants and accommodation offer a range of great service and delicious food.There are several hundred retail and service businesses located in three main business areas: Town Centre/Downtown, Business Park and Garibaldi Estates.

10 Reason's to Invest in Squamish


  1. Squamish is truly “Canada's Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada” providing a gateway to adventure and discovery. Activities include world class: golf, mountain biking, hiking, rock/mountain climbing, boating, sailing, windsurfing, kite boarding, snowmobiling, back-country skiing, camping and bird watching. Whatever you choose, it's here.

  2. Squamish will always be the Heart of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  3. Ideally situated half way between the spectacular metropolitan city of Vancouver (45 minutes) and the majestic world-class resort of Whistler (35 minutes), Squamish is the gateway to these two destinations.

  4. The quality of life in Squamish is unsurpassed, providing a perfect playground for those who seek adventure yet at the same time want a safe, secure environment to raise a family. Squamish offers an excellent variety of programs, facilities, schools & teachers.

  5. A friendly, small town environment with every possible amenity at your doorstep ~ coffee houses, restaurants, shopping and more.

  6. Affordability!  In July 2022 the average home in Whistler was $2.8 million dollars; the average home in West Vancouver is $3.4 million. Squamish offers a wide variety of housing options with a detached home averaging $1.7 million.

  7. Canada's newest liberal arts and science university, Quest University opened its doors in Sept 2007 and is the first secular not-for-profit private university in the nation.

  8. Waterfront redevelopment, new retail shopping areas and several industrial initiatives. Over 120 acres of oceanfront development in planned for Downtown Squamish as well as 5,000 dwelling units and the expansion of Capilano University.

  9. Growth – we are growing and fast! Until recently, Squamish was a well kept secret, now the word is out. Families, professionals, and businesses are liking what they see and relocating.

10. Squamish is a solid investment in exciting times.

*REBGV Statistics - December 2018

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